Headache and vision: what’s the connection?

In most cases, poor vision requires wearing corrective lenses, whether they are contacts or glasses. Nowadays, most people choose to wear contact lenses, stating that there are obvious advantages of contacts versus glasses. However most don’t realize that despite the freedom and ease of contacts, contact lenses also have drawbacks. Contact lenses often cause headaches, for many different reasons however the most commons is dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is caused by a decline in quality or quantity of tear fluid. Dry eye syndrome affects 25-30% of contact lens wearers with common symptoms such as: cramps in the eyes, eyes feeling “sandy” or “gritty”, eye redness and increased sensitivity. It is often associated with computer eye syndrome, a term adopted in 1998, seen more and more frequently.

Often all symptoms stated above precede a severe headache. By choosing to wear contact lens over glasses, you are opening up to the possibility of experiencing dry eye syndrome. Don’t fret if you constantly wear contacts and feel any of those symptoms. It’s a good idea to make an appointment with your optometrist or ophthalmologist to discuss what steps you can take to help.

Most people are improperly matched with corrective lenses, leading them to experience discomfort and headaches. Incorrect lenses can cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness and can also negatively impact your vision. Furthermore, there are other factors such as moisture, oxygen transmissibility, the radius of curvature of both your eye and lens that only a professional will be able to examine and discuss with you.

If you have vision problems, your eye doctor should be your best friend. You must visit them at least twice a year in order to have a complete picture of the health of your eyes.

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