Protection from Diabetes, How to Choose the Right Job

Many people hide their health problems from their employers, fearing a rejection from a job application or fear of being fired. Many people hide their diabetes, a disease that you definitely should not hide.

Working with Diabetes:

One of the ways to take control of the disease is to control your diet, however it may be difficult to find the time to eat while on the job. If you forget, it’s quite possible that your colleagues and management wouldn’t notice, leading to the high risk of hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is dangerous for both you and maybe even those around you.

Dangerous profession:

If you have diabetes, you should refrain from working high-risk jobs, particularly driving. Hypoglycemia can contribute to serious automobile accidents if the driver doesn’t keep track of his or her diet. For this reason, diabetics are advised against managing complex machinery, such as tractors, excavators, cranes, trains and planes.

Because of the risk of sudden loss of coordination and consciousness, which may result in hypoglycemia, diabetics are not allowed to work on the machines, in hot shops, at a conveyor belt, at high-altitudes or any underwater work, etc. This is due to the fact that during a seizure, the person may not be able to quickly make the right decision.

Statistics show that there is a high number of diabetics working in the food industry, higher than the average for other industries. However, working in the food industry can lead to a worsening condition because of frequent tasting of the products which leads to the need for additional insulin injections, subsequently leading to weight gain.

Service in the army, the police and other paramilitary structures are also discouraged due to high physical and psychological stress. A medical examination will affect which department of the military you are qualified to serve in. If diabetes develops in someone already serving, they may choose to work in the same military units and subdivisions of the Ministry of Interior as: clerks, analysts or HR professionals.

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