6 ways to survive the holidays and not gain weight!

Are you wondering how to keep off that holiday weight? On average, people gain ten pounds after the holidays. Read on and we’ll tell you about a few simple ways to make the holiday guilt free!

1. Exercise schedule:

In order not to gain weight during the holidays, it is necessary to engage in regular exercise and fall into a regular sleep schedule. It’s hard to do so during the holidays but try to keep your regular training and sleep schedule as if it were any other time of the year! This helps to overcome fatigue and hunger.

2. Drink moderately:

For some people, the holidays means a time to let loose and partake in drinking alcohol, but if you want to lose weight or simply keep off the extra weight, limit yourself to a couple drinks. Alcohol can contain a surprisingly large amount of calories so be sure you count them!

3. Do not put too much emphasis on food:

We gain weight during the holidays because somehow the holidays have become synonymous with a huge amount of food. Try to focus your attention on the people around you, your atmosphere and the holidays rather than the food. This will help you avoid the extra pounds but also provide a good time with family or friends!

4. Eat before leaving the house:

It’s almost impossible to go visit friends and family and to not be fed cookies, cocoa or some form of snacks. Try to eat a good meal or at least some snacks before you leave the house so you don’t overeat.

5. Don’t be afraid to say "no":

You always want to be sociable and helpful to friends and relatives, but it’s hard to refuse when your family or friends are trying to feed you their latest treats out of kindness. Learn to say no!

6. Be positive:

Try to maintain a good mood during this stressful time. Sometimes when everything goes wrong, people tend to seek solace in food. The holidays are stressful with visiting family and friends so don’t be discouraged and stay positive!

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