Break the Habit challenge

Whether you’re a smoker or not, you know the importance of taking a break. But for too many people, downtime means time for a smoke. That’s why we’re starting a company-wide challenge called Break the Habit. Participate, and you’ll learn healthy, smoke-free ways to de-stress, both at the workplace and on your own time.

Here’s how it works:

  • Check out the activity lists below for ways you can take short breaks.

  • Choose 2 breaks from each of the categories, for a total of 8 breaks per week.

  • Each break should last about 10 minutes.

  • Record your activities and break times on the challenge log on the back of this page.

  • At the end of the challenge, if you accomplished the above for every week, you can submit your log sheet to be entered in a drawing for a prize!

Activity Lists


  • Write a list of rhyming words

  • Plan a special dish and/or your meals for a week

  • Write a movie review

  • Visit an art museum online

  • Write a description of the ultimate vacation

  • Look through old photos and pick three to frame

  • Purge and tidy up a junk drawer

  • Doodle!


  • Call a friend or relative

  • Introduce yourself to a coworker you don’t know

  • Connect with friends on social media

  • Gather items in your home to donate to charity

  • Make evening or weekend plans to see family and friends

  • Send a greeting card to someone who could use a pick-me-up


  • Walk up and down a flight of stairs several times, for a total of 5-10 min

  • Put on some music and dance

  • Go for a walk, jog or ride a bike around your workplace or home

  • Stand up and stretch

  • Pull weeds or mow the lawn

  • Do some exercises at your workstation

  • Grab a hand weight or fitness band and do a few arm exercises

  • Try a basic yoga pose — go to for a guide


  • Make a list of goals and plans you’re going to work toward }} Picture yourself in 5 years and write down what you visualize }} Do a deep breathing exercise

  • Close your eyes and meditate

  • Make a list of things you’re thankful for

  • Start a journal, recording positive occurrences every day

  • Practice mindful observation by looking at an object and noticing every detail of it

The road to good health is yours to travel. But you don't have to do it alone. Whether you're managing a health condition or making changes in your life like quitting bad habits or getting in shape - we can help. Check out our new classes and resources below. Contact us to set personalized health and wellness goals and learn about the programs available to you.

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