Smoking and exercise

"Smoking harms your health" is a phrase that we’ve all heard from childhood. The dangers of smoking have been reinforced within us, especially the medical ramifications. We’re not going into the negative effects on the heart or the lungs, though those are important to remember. We know kicking the habit can be hard, but let’s read a little more about how smoking effects the body and can affect your workouts.

It’s been said that smoking just isn’t compatible with sports despite the fact that there are world-class athletes who have been seen to smoke cigarettes or cigars. So are you a healthy smoker or an unhealthy athlete? Unfortunately there is no definitive answer. Ideally, to completely stop smoking would be best for your health however if it’s difficult, which we all know it is, exercise can help mitigate some negative effects of smoking.

By exercising, you improve your cardiovascular function and cholesterol which overall improves your health. If you’re a smoker and get tired or winded, consider cutting down a little. The acute effects of smoking, such as lung tissue inflammation can be minimized and go away within just a few days of cutting down and hopefully quitting!

Just because you exercise does not give you an excuse to smoke. Rather, if you smoke, please pay attention to your body and work to reduce the negative effects on your body caused by smoking.

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