Eat your veggies. And consider wearing them, too.

For good eye health, take a closer look at your vegetables.

Keep your vision sharp and refresh your eyes at the same time.

Your eyesight is precious. And while you know that “you are what you eat,” keep in mind how that relates to your eyes. Carrots, the old standby, is just the beginning. Other vegetables contain vitamins vital to good eye health. So put some extra vegetables in your diet. Wait’ll you “see” how good they are.

Do onions make you cry?

Tears are good for your eyes – providing needed moisture and lubrication for vision and comfort. But sometimes your eyes just keep on tearing, like when you’re chopping an onion. In that case, your eyes are simply protecting themselves from the irritating chemical in the onion’s fumes. So the next time you’re making a recipe with fresh onions, put them in the freezer for 10 minutes before chopping. That will keep the onion from giving off the fumes that causes your eyes to tear. And it won’t destroy the flavor or change the consistency that you want.

Mom was right. Eat your veggies.

A recent survey by the American Optometric

Association showed that more than half of all Americans believe that carrots are the best food for eye health.

While carrots do contain provitamin A beta-carotene, which is essential for night vision, spinach and other dark leafy greens are really the healthiest foods for the eyes because they naturally contain large amounts of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.

Many studies have shown that lutein and zeaxanthin reduce the risk of chronic eye diseases, including age- related macular degeneration and cataracts.3 Other vegetables contain these powerful antioxidants, too. So eat plenty of corn, peas, broccoli and green beans.

Puffy or swollen eyes? Cucumbers can work wonders.

Instead of a cold compress try an organic alternative – place chilled cucumber slices on your eyes. Relax for a brief 15- to 20-minute rest. It’ll let your eyes get a short nap to help you feel more energized.

Don’t forget the importance of your annual eye exam.

Having a thorough eye exam is the first step toward taking good care of your eyesight. You may need to help protect your eyesight for years to come.

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