Helping protect your child’s eyesight.

All parents want to keep their children safe and healthy, but many may not realize the impact that eyesight can have on how their child grows and their overall health.

Children who don’t see well, may not feel well and may not perform as well in school. Keep in mind that an average of one in four children have vision problems they don’t know about that can get in the way of reading and learning. So it’s vital that their vision plan offer access to the highest-quality complete vision care and eyewear choices to help improve and protect their sight.

Eye health needs of children

  • The average child gets three times the yearly ultraviolet (UV) exposure than an adult does.1 Research shows that long-term exposure to UV rays can cause eye diseases. Glare can cause eyestrain and tired eyes so it’s important to protect kids’ eyes from the sun.

  • Some of the most common vision problems in children can be missed during the eye tests given in schools. (These include eye coordination, lazy eye and far sightedness. Being far sighted, means it’s easier to see things far away than close up.) Plus near vision (seeing things close up) is not tested during eye tests at school. And near vision is important for reading books and seeing the computer screen clearly.

  • Most eye injuries among kids ages 11 to 14 happen while playing sports. The good news is that 90% of them could be avoided with proper safety.

Protecting children from eye injuries

  • Think about getting protective eyewear for your kids to wear during sports. Everyday glasses do not count. No matter if they wear glasses or contacts, children also need a pair of safety glasses, goggles, safety shields or eye guards.

  • Impact-resistant lenses can help protect children’s eyes during every day activities or sports. Lenses that are made from something called polycarbonate have the highest level of protection because they can withstand a ball or other objects traveling at 90 miles per hour. A helmet with a face guard can help protect the head and face during sports.

Benefits of Transitions® lenses — helping protect children from UV and glare

  • Transitions lenses are the #1 doctor-recommended photochromic lenses. They’re as clear as regular glasses indoors, but turn dark like sunglasses outdoors.

  • They block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

  • They help lower glare and make the eyes feel better.

  • They come in a wide choice of impact - resistant lens materials and anti-reflective (AR) coatings for the lenses.

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