Your office workout!

If you work in an office, you might sit for hours on the phone or in meetings. Luckily, staying active at the office is only a matter of doing small bits of exercises throughout the day. You may not be able work out a full half-hour, but all of your small steps add up.

While on the job, try:

  • Using the stairs instead of the elevator.

  • Walking to your co-worker’s office instead of e-mailing or phoning.

  • Walking to the break room and back.

  • Using the stairs to the bathroom one flight up.

  • Looking away from the screen each 30 minutes or so to stretch. Roll your shoulders, arch your back, stand up and stretch your legs.

  • Walking at the airport while on a trip for work. Or if you’re driving, pull off at a park or a rest stop and take a five-minute walk.

Before and after work try:

  • Parking far away from the front door.

  • Looking for a spot at your job where you can walk at lunch, during breaks or after work.

  • Bringing exercise clothes with you so you can walk or jog nearby.

What’s your reason for not working out?

Below are some excuses – and ways to beat them:

Problem: With work, family and other demands, I’m too busy to exercise.

Answer: Make staying active a priority each day. Carve the time out of your day. Try before or after work, or on lunch hour. Then put it in your day planner.

Problem: Using a treadmill or stationary bike is boring.

Answer: Try watching TV or listening to music while working out. Better yet, head outside for a walk or a bike ride, and bring a friend along.

Problem: I’ve never been an athlete.

Answer: You don’t have to be an athlete to be active.

Yoga, hiking and planting a garden are just some things to try. Walking is a great choice because it’s easy, low-cost and no training is needed. The key to staying active isn’t putting in long hours at the gym. It’s about making the most out of the everyday things you do. So, commit yourself to a lifetime of staying active, one day at a time.

Choose your move

1. Easier activities

  • Hiking an easier trail

  • Light gardening

  • Dancing

  • Playing golf

  • Bicycling at a leisurely pace

  • Walking 10 to 20 minutes

  • Swimming

Harder activities

  • Running/jogging

  • Bicycling quickly

  • Walking a half hour or more

  • Heavy yard work

  • Basketball

  • Jumping rope

  • Soccer

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