Light smoking can lead to heavy damage

About one quarter of smokers claim they only have a few cigarettes a day or smoke occasionally.

But the tragic effects of smoking aren’t just reserved for the pack-a-day-plus smoker. “Social” smokers run the risk of major damage with every cigarette they smoke. In fact, it’s been found that smoking just one to four cigarettes per day signi cantly increases the risk of death.

Health hazards associated with light or “social” smoking:

  • Heart disease due to high blood pressure and cholesterol-clogged arteries

  • Weakened arteries and risk of aneurysm

  • Premature death from cardiovascular disease

  • Lung, esophageal, stomach and pancreatic cancer

  • Respiratory tract infections

  • Fertility problems in both men and women

  • Slower recovery from injuries and increased frailty in older men and women

  • Increased risk of developing cataracts

  • Lower health-related quality of life

The bottom line is, just as there is no “safe” cigarette, there is no “safe” amount of smoking you can do to avoid the adverse effects of tobacco.

If you’re a social smoker, stop now — before it stops you.

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