10 Changes To Get More Exercise Every Day

- Do squats or lunges at your workstation and work your entire lower body

- Swap out your chair for an exercise ball

- Use the stairs instead of the elevator

- Park farther from the entrance to add some extra steps

- Add some incline to your at treadmill workout to burn extra calories

- Try planks instead of crunches for a more complete core workout

- Choose pushups instead of bicep curls – you’ll work more muscle groups in the same amount of time

- Break up your cardio with an interval workout

- Take a walk at lunch rather than sitting the whole time

- Try something new – take a different group exercise class with a friend

Exercise: Make It Fun.

It’s a lot easier to get the exercise you need if you enjoy what you’re doing. To work more activity into your day, keep comfortable clothes and a pair of walking or running shoes in your car. Then, choose an activity from the list below and do it for at least 10 minutes at a time – your goal is to get 30 minutes of activity each day.

  • Look for local leagues where you can join a team and play sports like softball, soccer, volleyball or even kickball.

  • Discover new landmarks in your hometown and explore them on foot.

  • Find hiking trails in your area and make it a family day.

  • Take your dog to a park and toss a ball or Frisbee, or just walk or jog with them outdoors. Dogs can be great motivation!

  • Host an impromptu dance party with your kids – they’ll love it!

  • Ask a friend to encourage you, or recruit a neighbor to walk with you every evening.

  • Making healthy changes in your diet and exercise habits can be overwhelming. Take it one day at a time, and don’t be discouraged by minor setbacks. Be proud of the days when you eat healthfully and get in your 30 minutes of activity.

The road to good health is yours to travel. But you don't have to do it alone. Whether you're managing a health condition or making changes in your life like quitting bad habits or getting in shape - we can help. Check out our new classes and resources below. Contact us to set personalized health and wellness goals and learn about the programs available to you.

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