What is body mass index (BMI)?

BMI is one of two key measures used to find out if someone is overweight or obese. The other measure is your waistline. BMI uses your weight and height to estimate your total body fat. Use the chart below to find your BMI number.

What does your BMI number mean?

The chart on the previous page shows which weight category (normal to extreme obesity) your BMI number falls into, but the table below may be a bit easier to read. In general, overweight is de ned as a BMI of 25 to 29.9 and obesity is de ned as a BMI equal to or greater than 30.

BMI weight categories

Do you need to lower your BMI?

If your BMI number is above normal, there are things you can do to change it. Talk to your doctor about eating healthier and exercising. Being overweight or obese increases your risk for several health conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.

If you need to lose weight, do it slowly. Lose no more than 1/2 pound to 2 pounds per week. This is the healthiest way to lose weight and offers the best chance of long-term success.

The road to good health is yours to travel. But you don't have to do it alone. Whether you're managing a health condition or making changes in your life like quitting bad habits or getting in shape - we can help. Check out our new classes and resources below. Contact us to set personalized health and wellness goals and learn about the programs available to you.

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