Cost of care.

When you’re planning care, location matters. Where you go can save you thousands.

You want the best care without spending a fortune. That’s why it’s important to know where to go for high-quality services at a lower cost.

For example:Depending on whether you choose a hospital or ambulatory surgery center for a total knee replacement in Dallas, Texas, you may be charged anywhere from $16,772 to $61,585.* These major cost differences happen throughout the U.S. –even between facilities that are a few miles apart.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning ahead for procedures, lab work or other services:

  1. Is there a nonhospital setting, for that procedure or service?

  2. Is the facility part of your health plan’s network, so you only pay your copay or coinsurance

  3. Are all the doctors on your case contracted with your health plan? It’s common for anesthesiologists and other specialists to have separate contracts from the facilities they work in. You don’t want to get a surprise bill from someone whose services you assumed were covered.

Think location, location, location! Need help answering any of the above questions? Call the Member Services number on your ID card and talk to a representative. You can also visit your health plan website to search for contracted facilities near you.

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