5 ENERGIZING Weight Loss Transformation Tips

How do you keep exercise energized as you strive for weight loss transformation goals?

Once you make a lifetime commitment to exercise, you have a long way to go hopefully. There's always the chance for boredom to set in with anything that goes on a long time. And, sometimes you just don't "feel it" because you're tired, bored or hurt. Get to know yourself (emotions) and your body. You have to keep yourself motivated to exercise week in and week out. Serious exercisers will usually workout at least 5 out of 7 days in a week. If you don't keep it fun and fresh, you will eventually quit exercising altogether. Its hard to keep doing something you don't like, especially when the activity is voluntary. When I train people, it takes tons of energy out of me. Guess what? I still exercise/stay active on most days and some of those days "I don't feel like exercising."

I can't tell you how to "get it done." With practice, you will figure it out for yourself.......

Here are 5 tips that you can use to keep the exercise and weight loss management energized: 1. Know when you need to change up your routine. On some days, you can split your workouts into 2 separate workouts, such as weight training during the day and interval cardio later on. 2. When you're really dragging, exercising outdoors can do the trick. And, sometimes, you just need a day off (even on a scheduled workout day). Don't forget, recovery from exercise is just as important as the exercise itself. 3. Doing something totally different often works - such as playing soccer, basketball, tennis or flag football (by the way, these are some of the best interval cardio workouts). 4. Hanging out at the gym can work. It helps to see other people "getting after it." Don't try to do your program all by yourself. Research proves that you will have a better chance to succeed with fat loss and weight loss if you have others holding you accountable. 5. Sometimes, its just will and determination that keeps you exercising. Want it for yourself. Don't let all the hard work and fun go to waste by quitting! You get the idea.....try different things....when you make the lifetime commitment to fitness, that's a long time! You gotta keep it interesting or you will quit! Please share your tips on how you keep exercise energized!


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