Setting Up Your Workstation. Advice from the experts!

OSHA, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, is the part of the United States Department of Labor that ensures safe and healthful working conditions by setting and enforcing standards in the workplace. So they know their stuff when it comes to workstation setup. Here are a few pointers they mention:

  • Your head should be level, or bent slightly forward, forward facing, and balanced. Generally it should be in-line with the torso.

  • Shoulders should be relaxed and upper arms hang normally at the side of the body.

  • Your back should be fully supported with appropriate lumbar support when sitting vertical or leaning back slightly.

  • Elbows should be in close to the body and are bent between 90 and 120 degrees.

  • Hands, wrists, and forearms should be straight, in-line and roughly parallel to the floor.

  • Knees should be about the same height as the hips with the feet slightly forward.

  • Thighs and hips should be supported by a well padded seat and generally parallel to the floor.

  • Feet should be fully supported by the floor or a footrest may be used if the desk height is not adjustable.

Regardless of how good your working posture is, working in the same posture or sitting still for prolonged periods is not healthy. You should change your working position frequently throughout the day in the following ways:

  • Make small adjustments to your chair or backrest.

  • Stretch your fingers, hands, arms, and torso.

  • Stand up and walk around for a few minutes periodically.

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