LiveHealth Online Psychology.

Have a video visit with a psychologist or licensed therapist in just a few days.

LiveHealth Online Psychology — quick, easy and private

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious or you’re just having a tough time, it’s okay to ask for help. And with LiveHealth Online Psychology, talking to someone is easier and more convenient than ever. You can have a video visit with a psychologist or licensed therapist from your home, or wherever you have internet access. Curl up on the couch or find a quiet spot on the porch. Just download the free LiveHealth Online mobile app or on a computer with a webcam, to get started. It’s free to sign up, and video visits are completely private and confidential. Most of the time, you can have a video visit with a psychologist or therapist in seven days or less.* This may be faster than waiting for an office visit.

Make an appointment that’s convenient for you

  1. Visit or use the mobile app to create an account or log in.

  2. Select LiveHealth Online Psychology for a video visit.

  3. Choose from a list of available psychologists and licensed therapists.

  4. Set up a day and time for your visit.

Your first visit

After you schedule your appointment, LiveHealth Online will send you an appointment confirmation. Visits usually last about 45 minutes and you’ll see your cost for the session before it even starts.

LiveHealth Online Psychology can help with conditions like:

- Stress - Anxiety - Depression - Relationship or family issues - Grief - Panic attacks - Stress from coping with an illness Substance abuse

Keep in mind that psychologists and therapists using LiveHealth Online do not prescribe medications.

How much does a video visit with LiveHealth Online cost?

Depending on your benefits, the cost may be similar to what you’d pay for an office visit. You can pay your share of the visit by using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit or debit card. You’ll see what you owe before you start a visit. Any cost is automatically charged to your card. Your cost will be the same whether your appointment is on a weekday, weekend, evening or holiday.

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