Keep your vascular system healthy!

As we get older You’re more likely to have vascular problems as you get older. What happens as you age? Plaque and cholesterol build up in your arteries, thickening and stiffening them — leaving less room for blood to flow. This lower blood flow can lead to a stroke, an aneurysm or a heart attack.

Know your risk The most common vascular diseases are:

  1. Atherosclerosis, where plaque builds upon the inner walls of the blood vessels. This can cause: — Pain or pressure in your chest, shoulders, arms, neck, jaw or back — Feeling short of breath — Problems with the rhythm of your heart beat

  2. Peripheral Arterial Disease. The arteries outside of your heart become to on arrow, and not enough blood can flow through. This can cause: — Heart attack — Stroke — Pain and trouble walking — Sores or infections that won’t heal — Loss of an arm or a leg because of poor circulation

  3. Carotid Artery Disease. The major arteries leading to the brain in the neck become clogged with plaque. This can cause strokes due to the lower blood flow to the brain, or from clots and bits of plaque breaking off and flowing to the brain.

  4. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. This happens when the aorta, the largest artery in the body, weakens and begins to bulge. This bulge is called an aneurysm. It may keep getting bigger and rupture if it isn’t treated, leading to sudden death.

Did you know? For many people, increasing their level of activity, even walking, has a very positive impact on their longevity.

The road to good health is yours to travel. But you don't have to do it alone. Whether you're managing a health condition or making changes in your life like quitting bad habits or getting in shape - we can help. Check out our new classes and resources below. Contact us to set personalized health and wellness goals and learn about the programs available to you.

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