Positive vs. Happy

Being positive doesn’t mean every day is going to be sunny and perfect. For instance, you can have health, money or relationship problems, but still be optimistic about bettering your situation. And being happy doesn’t necessarily mean someone is always positive. A pessimist can feel overjoyed at winning the lottery, but still feel like everyone will try to take his or her money.

Positivity comes from your mindset. It’s what you think, feel, do and say that helps you function and thrive. Positive thinkers learn ways to work around hard times and get what they need for the life they want.

Take a walk on the bright side

Try these activities to help you practice positive thinking once a day or as often as you want. Then, see what it does for your well-being:


  • Do I tend to see what’s right instead of what’s wrong in my life or the world?

  • Am I waiting around for good things to happen to me?

  • Do I put myself down easily instead of being glad about what I’m able to do?

  • Do I believe I have a bright future ahead of me?


  • Think about the different areas of your life and what’s good about them. Or

  • Think about your life in the future when you’ve reached all your biggest goals. What does that future life look like to you?


1. Write the things you like about yourself and/or what you’re good at. 2. Write at least one of your most important goals that will help you live your best future. 3. Write how you will reach that goal.

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