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Corporate Wellness Services


Prefer to have your people go through a more personalized approach? Perfect! Allow your team to learn all about their bodies, inside and out, with our comprehensive body composition test that give them their body fat percentage, muscle percentage, and even hydration levels. We use that data along with a fitness assessment to see how their bodies move and to then give them a personalized program based on their fitness needs. 


Educational health & wellness workshops and seminars can help your team proactively manage a wide variety of topics including exercise, nutrition, and mental health, to be able to stay healthy all year long. Improve everyone’s quality of life by putting your employees in charge of their own health and well-being.


We work with companies to create and deliver innovative programs to engage and help keep employees fit in and outside of the workplace by offering fitness and wellness programs, such as classes, team building activities, and on demand videos both in person and online.  


We create and implement wellbeing strategies to help drive engagement in-person, online, and at home for employees in wellness and fitness offerings.  By offering your employees support, strategies, and helping be held accountable, they can better manage their own health risks, meet their health goals and stay productive, happy and healthy. 


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